About Us

At Stone River Law, our team embodies a powerful combination of diverse backgrounds, deep expertise, and a shared commitment to excellence in legal representation. With seasoned attorneys experienced in everything from criminal defense to estate planning, and paralegals who bring fresh perspectives and specialized knowledge, we approach each case with a unique blend of skill and compassion. Our legal staff, adept in managing and fostering strong client relationships, ensure that every interaction is meaningful. Together, we prioritize integrity, compassion, and a relentless drive to fight for justice, making us a formidable ally for those we represent. This synergy allows us to provide comprehensive, compassionate legal services tailored to your individual needs.


Stephen Howard

Meet Stephen Howard, founding member and partner. His journey to becoming a lawyer began with a Bachelor of Music Degree. As an undergraduate, Stephen sat in on law school classes just for fun and told a few too many lawyer jokes. He earned his J.D. degree at Brigham Young University’s J. Reuben Clark Law School. Stephen began doing defense work in 1998, taking a job as an appellate research clerk while still in law school. He graduated and was admitted to the Utah State Bar in 1999.

More than just an attorney, Stephen is a committed advocate and an adept problem solver who brings a human touch to the often impersonal criminal justice system. His approach can transform cold legal proceedings into opportunities for significant personal change.


Bradley Henderson

Meet Bradley Henderson, founding member and partner, whose diverse background and broad legal expertise shape his dynamic approach to law. A former Air Force JAG Officer, Brad’s formidable experience ranges from strategic consultations with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense when he was the Chief of International Law for NATO and US Forces in Afghanistan, to a commanding presence in the courtroom.

Brad’s legal journey began by earning undergraduate degrees in International Studies and Latin American Studies from Brigham Young University, followed by a Juris Doctor from William and Mary Law School, the oldest law school in America. He further sharpened his strategic skills completing the Air Force’s Air Command and Staff College course, studying military science. This unique combination of education and military service has equipped him with outstanding logic, reasoning, and persuasion, establishing him as a formidable force in criminal defense, especially in serious felony cases.

Senior Paralegal and Business Manager

Megan Fowles

Meet Megan Fowles, our Business Manager and Senior Paralegal. With a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Utah State University and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Western Governors University, Megan brings over 20 years of managerial expertise to Stone River Law. Her career began in the hotel industry, where she honed her exceptional interpersonal and listening skills and knack for empathetic yet directive leadership.

Nearly a decade ago, Megan transitioned to the legal profession as a paralegal for Stephen Howard. Her curiosity and drive quickly led her to manage the business and staff operations. Megan is known for her ability to get things done. She values responsibility, honesty, and transparency in all her endeavors. With a belief in open, direct communication, Megan aims to change the game, not just play it. She understands the critical importance of ensuring people are heard and understood.


Tarragon Howard

Meet Tarragon Howard, our criminal paralegal. Tarragon started her career as a legal assistant while still in high school. She is now studying criminal justice and sociology at Weber State University. She actively participates in continuing legal education courses with our attorneys and is proud when her insights capture their interest.

Tarragon is known for her sharp eye for detail and exceptional legal research skills. Her passion for learning shines through in her work, particularly criminal defense. Her strong sense of justice matches her compassion and meticulous attention to detail. She believes strongly in recognizing the humanity in every individual, even those facing serious criminal charges. Tarragon is particularly interested in legal research on capital offenses and appeals, continuously enhancing her knowledge and skills.

Paralegal Assistant

Alison Burt

Meet Alison Burt, our Legal Assistant. Alison currently attends cosmetology school and aspires to own her own salon. She brings a fresh and unique perspective to our team, and her diverse interests and skills enrich our firm in many ways.

Alison is passionate about writing and has contributed to a number of diverse writing projects. She is curious and eager to learn and master new skills. Alison excels in telephone communication and customer service, demonstrating a natural ability to effectively connect with others and address their needs. 

Outside the office, Alison is deeply committed to an active lifestyle. She enjoys working out, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. Alison has a passion for self-improvement.

At Stone River Law, Alison Burt is valued for her versatility, strong communication skills, and unwavering enthusiasm for learning and personal growth.

Paralegal Assistant

Benjamin Keller

Meet Benjamin Keller, our Legal Assistant. A recent graduate of Weber State University, Ben earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, with minors in Legal Studies and Queer Studies. With plans to attend law school, Ben is particularly intrigued by criminal law and is eager to deepen his understanding in this field.

Ben brings a strong attention to detail, a robust writing style, and keen argument analysis skills to our team. His openness to learning and trying new things makes him a valuable asset to our firm. Ben is motivated by seeing people change and progress while overcoming challenging times in their lives. He is driven in his work towards advocating for justice and positive outcomes in the legal arena.

Outside the office Ben enjoys spending time hiking and biking on the trails in Utah, as well as seeing any new movies playing in theaters.

At Stone River Law, Benjamin Keller is appreciated for his meticulous work, commitment to learning, and passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of those he helps.