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Preparing for Presentence Report Interview with AP&P
After entering a guilty plea, or being found guilty at trial you may be required to attend a presentence interview prior to being sentenced. It is...
July 16, 2024
Removal from Utah’s White Collar Crime Registry
Utah Code Title 77 Chapter 42 establishes a white collar crimes registry that is maintained by the office of the Utah Attorney General. Section 108...
September 25, 2023
Can I be convicted of a crime if didn’t complete it?
An “attempt” to commit a crime is the most common “inchoate” (or incomplete) crime. Solicitation and conspiracy are also...
April 17, 2023
Can your attorneys give second opinions on criminal appeals issues?
Our attorneys can be retained to give a second opinion on a criminal appeal case. The costs required for a formal review and consultation on an...
January 5, 2023