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Utah Appellate Rule Updates – 11 & 22
The Utah Supreme Court has approved certain revisions to Rule 11 and Rule 22 of the Utah Rules of Appellate Procedure. The amendments affect the...
February 23, 2024
What is the difference between a living will and a living trust?
Although the two terms are similar, they refer to very different estate planning tools. A living will allows a person to state end-of-life medical...
November 20, 2023
What is the difference between acquittal and a not guilty verdict?
Under Utah law, an “acquittal” and a “not guilty” verdict have essentially the same meaning. But neither of these terms is a...
November 20, 2023
Unlawful Detention – Utah Criminal Defense
A charge for unlawful detention in Utah involves allegations that an individual has been held against their will, without the authority of law, for a...
November 20, 2023
Will a plea in abeyance show up on my record?
While a plea in abeyance generally results in your charges being dismissed, that doesn’t mean that they automatically disappear from government...
November 20, 2023
Is a durable power of attorney valid after the person dies?
A durable power of attorney becomes invalid upon the death of the principle. A durable power of attorney differs from a standard power of attorney in...
November 20, 2023
I live in another state. Can I resolve my case without returning to Utah?
It is often possible to resolve your Utah case while living out of state. Like most things though, this depends on your specific circumstances and...
November 20, 2023
How is a living trust different than a testamentary trust?
Both a living trust and a testamentary trust can perform many of the same functions. The key difference between the two is the timing and mechanism...
November 20, 2023
How many witnesses are required for a will in Utah?
A last will and testament is only legally valid once it has been signed by two witnesses as well as the testator. The only requirements for the...
November 20, 2023
How do I get copies of a death certificate?
Certified copies of the death certificate can normally be obtained through mortuaries, funeral directors or directly from the Utah Department of...
November 20, 2023
Get Help – Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney in Utah
When you are facing criminal prosecution in Utah, more is on the line than just the court case. We understand that the consequences of prosecution...
November 20, 2023
Drug Crime Penalties
Penalties for Drug Crimes in Utah– Utah Drug Attorneys Charges that involve a drug classified as a Schedule I controlled substance (e.g., heroin,...
November 20, 2023
Protected: Stone River Law – Attorneys Only Resources
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July 17, 2023